Culturally, mothers cannot mention sexual things along with their students

A lady who had been living in the new outlying city had dos.two times highest odds of experience teenage maternity compared with a great woman who was simply living in area [AOR = 2.2;95%CI:step one.4. 3.6].

Community contraception play with was other predictor out of adolescent pregnancy. A lady staying in society having all the way down ratio away from contraception play with got 2.3 times [AOR = dos.3; 95%CI: step 1.5, 3.5] high likelihood of sense maternity while very young weighed against a lady residing clusters having a higher proportion from birth control play with (Dining table 2).

Haphazard effect show

suggests that throughout the 42% of one’s overall type into the adolescent maternity took place at area top which is due to town peak circumstances. Read More