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Using qualitative stuff analyses following ), we located certain and you can advanced reasons, behavior and each other societal and you will individual records. Carrying out qualitative posts data typically comes after a couple of views to partner with the details, deductive classification building, according to the theoretical records, and you can inductive group building, established strictly to the study (). In regards to our explorative method, we chose to merely work on inductive categories, adopting the tight earliest-people perspective of your own subjects and also the recommendations from the research. To make sure intersubjectivity and also to prevent group prejudice and you will homogeneous translation, we split into a couple groups, the two writers as well as 2 lookup assistants. We chosen a total of ten interviews towards very first round to build kinds. Inductive classes following ) are present on the research; that it intended for me to browse the interview detailing topics going on. Up coming, these subjects, particularly codes, in which connected to definition, subtleties and you will valuation and that build the fresh subcodes. This type of requirements and subcodes try upcoming in the process of multiple loops towards exact same interview in other sequences and compared otherwise confirmed together with other interview, building the sufficient code tree with kinds, rules and you will subcodes. Read More